Tuesday, January 19, 2010

So What the Hell Does this Have to do With Anything???

I received a disturbing email the other day. In it, the originator tried to insinuate Muslims had contributed virtually nothing to the world.

The proof?

The poster compared the number of Nobel Prizes won by Muslims vs. Jews; claiming Muslims had been awarded 7 to the Jew's 129. Furthermore, noting Muslims far outnumber Jews in the world, so therefore Jews are that much better due to their high concentration of prizes per capita.

Amusing. Comparing Nobels.

Doesn't surprise me though. Since the vast majority of Muslims live in impoverished countries with poor to no education, how would we expect them to have Nobels? Those countries that do have wealth have only had it since oil was discovered there in the 1950s/1960s. The Nobels listed were won mostly beginning in the 1970s, so that seems about right given the years it must take to build an education system and put out a significant number of graduates (who finally had the money to obtain their college educations in America and Europe) capable of Nobel-worthy achievements.

The Jewish people by contrast, have had the advantage of European and American education, politics, hegemony, and wealth for hundreds of years.

Of course, the Nobel Prize has only been in existence for a little over a century. This comparison ignores contributions for the centuries of human progress preceding it, including such trivial Arab contributions as algebra and astronomy. While Europe was living in the Dark Ages, cowering under a blanket of a repressive Christianity, the Arab world was flourishing in the sciences of math and the stars.

As civilizations flourish and fall throughout time, so Europe arose during the Renaissance and the Arab world eventually went into decline.

It really pisses me off to see markedly stupid people successfully brainwashing large groups of others through their biased, narrow, and simplistic arguments ignorant of all the facts being disseminated through mass emails forwarded to tens of thousands of people who read and digest this trash without question.

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