Friday, June 11, 2010

Tea Party Hypocrisy

Thursday in her blog, Sarah Palin called for president Obama to enact harsh new regulations on the oil industry, even going so far as to tell him to take over BP.

Sarah, are you feeling well? Sarah?

Today, when progressives implement government programs to oversee and regulate business so business meets standards of safety to protect our nation and its workers, this is labeled un-American and socialist. Conservatives, who dismantle such oversight and regulations (and who have sat on their hands the past 2 years), complain there needs to be oversight and regulations - now that a major disaster has struck!

Historically, progressives plan for the worst by implementing regulations. With regulations, certain disasters could be eliminated or minimized. Conservatives want business to regulate itself because, after all, they are always looking out for our well-being...except for now...when it's too late.

Who would you trust? Those who plan ahead, or the obvious, blatant hypocrisy of right-wing conservatives? The Tea Party's cover girl (and shameless, selfish propagandist) Sarah Palin has also now proven (in writing, no less) that she's both a quitter and Flip-Flopper.

May God save America from today's conservatives and the Tea Party.

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