Thursday, September 29, 2011

Karma Komes Kwikly

Last week my partner Edson, an architect and interior designer, worked with a team of 4 other designers (all women) for a fundraiser for the Cincinnati Horticultural Society. Various organizations sponsored the decoration of dining rooms in a recently-built retirement center. Guests pay to dine in each of the rooms all this week with all the proceeds going to the society. The Cincinnati Opera sponsored the room Edson's team was to design and construct. Edson designed a sculptural branching structure that sweeps around the room around the dining table.

During the construction, one of the designers from some other room saw Edson coming in with the cut sections of PVC pipe. As he passed he sarcastically said to Edson: "Oh good, the plumber is here!" Too bad Edson isn't sarcastic enough to reply as such.

During the grand opening reception Monday night we saw all the rooms, and none of them looked anything like Edson's. All were very elegant and rather restrained in a very conservative, "old money" way.

On their way out the guests were asked to mark which room design was their favorite. Apparently the guests are tired of what most of the rooms represented as Edson's group (the plumbers) won! Karma comes around to smack smart-asses awfully quick in the 21st Century, doesn't it? =D

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